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John Eckhardt's  certification and ministry degree programs are rooted in biblical truth and designed to strengthen theological knowledge, impart spiritual truths and prepare you for the work of ministry! 

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Impact Certification is made up of LIVE & Pre-Recorded Sessions designed just for you.

When you join the 5 Fold Certification Academy today, you'll immediately get access to the tools and resources needed to activate and develop your understanding of ministry and prepare you to move in the spirit like never before.

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The School of Prophecy is jam-packed with value, videos, support guides, and more. Access WHENEVER and go at your own pace!

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Prophetic Community

Join a community of thousands of other spirit-filled believers on the same prophetic journey as you. Community has the power to transform you, edify you, and help you grow through anything.

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High Quality Curriculum

All of our trainings are filmed in exclusive locations to bring you the highest quality teaching and education in our core subjects of prophecy, deliverance, prayer adn preaching schools. Each school is a minimum of 20-25 HD videos, with supporting syllabuses and comprehensive worksheets so you can get the most out of your University experience. We are always adding to the quality of our curriculum because we believe in excellence! 

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Ministry Roadmap

Obtaining knowledge in the area of prophecy is just the beginning. You need the wisdom to know how to navigate through your individual state, experience, and journey. This is why we've created a roadmap that guides you step-by-step through each level of the prophetic ministry! Whether you've never prophecied before, or you have years of experience in this area, our prophetic road map will help you activate, demonstrate, operate, and administrate the prophetic. 

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See what a few students are saying. We have over 5,000 students in Impact U!

Not only do we have a fast-growing prophetic community, but we also have a fast-growing student base with over 5,000 members, growing yearly! Here's what they say:

"Awesome, very eye-opening! This will help our ministry grow in the prophetic! I thank the LORD for Apostle John Eckhardt."

"Thank you so much, I am glad to understand who I am in HEAVEN on earth. I accept the calling and the challenge. Thank you, Apostle!"

"Awesome teaching in the MAKINGS of a prophet. Our environment and the people we are around greatly affect our activation in prophecy!"

Martin Coffer

Nathania Davis

Assunta Cruz

How much does the 5-fold Academy cost and what do I get when I purchase?

We know that there isn't another online school that has this depth of training and education at a price that doesn't break the bank!

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High Quality Videos

Activate, demonstrate, operate and administrate ministry! This program is made up of 4 modules, 20 videos, 12-weeks of LIVE training, monthly masterclasses & more.

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This is our FIRST opening and we normally only open  1-2x a year during our challenges and "occasionally" with a special offer like this one. Make sure you get in now while you can!

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This is a 12-week accelerated program. The value is unmatched to other certification programs. 

Each product separately sells for costs much higher than you will pay today!

You can get a refund, no questions asked within 14 days of your initial purchase. Cancel anytime.

Monthly Live Guest Trainings

Scripture says that in the multitude of counsel there is great wisdom. This is why we believe in bringing in qualified ministers of the prophetic to provide additional angles, perspectives, wisdom, words of knowledge, and levels of experience. We have Yolanda Stith, Sophia Ruffin, Kevin Leal, Travis Jennings, and many more guests that you get to learn from and interact with live in our monthly live trainings and guest masterclasses! 

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Exclusive Bonuses!

Get these exclusive collection of ebooks, videos, and audio teachings when you enroll for the 5-Fold Academy Today!

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